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World Mental Health Day 2016

Dont Panic

Every October 10 is World Mental Health Day, which aims to raise awareness and educate about mental Illness and its major effects on people’s lives.

1 in 4 of us will be affected by mental health problems at some stage in our lives, and it can affect anyone at any age and at any time.

According to the World Health Organisation, ‘if we don’t act urgently, by 2030 depression will be the leading illness globally.’

Mental health and football…

The PFA has been addressing issues of emotional well-being and addiction for over 14 years, and now has a 24/7/365 counselling telephone helpline service available to members.

In addition to the helpline, players past and present can access a national network of 70 fully-trained counsellors, all of whom understand the emotional roller-coaster that involvement in professional sport can entail.

The Union continues to offer support and funding to the Sporting Chance Clinic, allowing PFA members to receive residential treatment there.

The combination of these services offers current and former members a dedicated team of people and a safe and confidential environment to receive support and counselling.

Mental Health

Contact the PFA...

All services are private and confidential, PFA members (or concerned friends and family) can contact the PFA: