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Protocol - Ten Point Plan


At the beginning of the 2012/13 season the PFA devised a ‘Club Commitment’ form linked to player appearances and support for Community and Charity related activities. Chief Executives from Premier League and Football League clubs ‘signed up’ to the new criteria which is now an integral part of the ‘Capability Status’ expected of all 92 Clubs. The PFA agreed a ten point plan with all Football League Clubs for the 2013/14 season to further enhance and engage players within community activities whilst highlighting their involvement in a more positive and productive way.

1. The Football Club agrees the formal process for player visits including ‘Player Request’ forms

All clubs now have a formal process in place on a local level and this has greatly improved communication to our members. Recent feedback from a number of players has confirmed that since this area has been implemented the key areas of pre-visit information, briefing and notice periods have much improved. It is important that players continue to enjoy the experience of a visit as it stimulates a positive environment and ensures continued support.

2. The PFA to confirm the player visit procedure fulfils the PFA capability status criteria

This is to confirm that there is an appropriate process in place internally at clubs to ensure that requests and visits provide the relevant support and protection for our members.

3. The PFA logo to be featured on the community page in the matchday programme and to be used on relevant communication and promotional material where appropriate

With the current investment that is made by the PFA in relation to its corporate social responsibility, it is vital that awareness of the pivotal role the union makes is recognised both from within and outside the game. It is important that Community Trusts work towards raising the profile of the PFA through various mediums throughout the season. This will only enhance our reputation as an organisation that understands its responsibilities to the wider community both on a national and international basis.

4. The Community Trusts to provide advance monthly notification of player visits throughout the season

This procedure, which is to complete the advance monthly notice for player visits via survey monkey (online data collation), will enable the Community Liaison Executives to make regular visits to clubs throughout the season and observe the formal process in place. It provides an opportunity to ‘touch base’ with the players on a local level and gain feedback from the partners and participants involved. It will also provide the opportunity to highlight good practice from the various events and activities taking place.

5. Player Questionnaires to be put in place before the start of the season to profile individual player’s areas of interest

Player Questionnaires will ensure that our members are linked to appropriate activities in which they feel comfortable and confident in supporting. Profiling players at the start of each season will also help Community Trusts to strategically develop player appearances on a local level throughout the year.

6. The Community Trusts to provide media articles on player engagement

Community Trusts are required to forward any media articles direct to the PFA offices for use on the PFA website, and our corporate magazine, 4 The Player. This process will significantly enhance players profile in community activities during the 2014/15 season. The development of social media is also a key target for the new season.

7. The Community Trusts to implement a ‘Player Ambassador’ programme which will link an appropriate player into their key themes of: Education, Health, Social Inclusion, Equality or Sports Participation

The Player Ambassador agenda continues to be developed both at club level and through some of our national partners such as Kick it Out, Show Racism the Red Card and The Prince’s Trust. Linking players into key areas of interest will only enhance their personal involvement and also help to raise the profile and awareness of the issues concerned.

8. The Community Trusts to produce a case study on one key theme of player engagement at the end of the season

This will ensure that the PFA receives comprehensive evidence on player engagement at the end of each season. It should enable a broad range of positive practice templates to be produced covering the main themes of Education, Health, Social Inclusion, Equality and Sports Participation. Our Annual Evaluation Report will be greatly enhanced with this process in place and it will provide an extremely effective resource for clubs, key partners and external agencies.

9. The Community Trusts to make an award for their ‘Community Player of the Year’ at the end of the season in line with their nominated Football League Award submission

Our target going into next season is to see every club providing a Community Player of the Year Award on a local level. We believe that all players that make that extra effort and contribution during the season should be recognised for their support. Media coverage of the award will also highlight the importance many players attach to their roles off the pitch.

10. The Community Trusts to complete the PFA annual statistical information pro forma forms on player visits and nominate a ‘Community Champion’ for inclusion in the PFA Annual Evaluation Report

This evidence along with the capability status criteria will provide the key framework for our Annual Evaluation Report each season and will ensure that an accurate recording of activities have taken place.