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The PFA’s philosophy towards Corporate Social Responsibility is underpinned by its members who can raise aspirations, inspire youngsters to achieve and encourage communities to come together whilst acting as positive role models to many in our society.

This may sometimes contradict the negative media publicity, which surrounds our profession, but with approximately 40,000 annual player appearances in areas of Health, Education, Social Inclusion, Community Cohesion and Equalities last season, the PFA are proud of their off-field contributions.

 “I believe that no other industry works harder with their paying audience than Football. Players appreciate that they are in an especially privileged position; they know they have a debt to those supporters that follow them week-in week-out and the local communities in which their clubs exist”.
Gordon Taylor OBE, PFA Chief Executive.

The PFA's close relationship with both the Premier League and Football League has been a major factor in the implementation of formalised player appearance procedures and protocol. We understand that players are the inspiration to many youngsters in our society but in order for genuine impact to take place a structured approach to support their off field work needed to be implemented. In recent years this has been integral to our partnership work with clubs building up healthy relationships with the players embracing their talents and passions which in turn have been channelled into more targeted areas.