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Leighton Baines, Everton

Basic Practices Throw In

All players especially the younger ones, should be given instruction as to what is required immediately the ball goes over the sideline, starting with which positions have to be taken up....Read more

Saidy Janko, Manchester United

Marking at a throw-in

The throw-in during any match is the set play that will occur the most often, and so it is vital for any team to be ready and focused to deal with it....Read more

Defending at a throw-in

Defending at a throw-in

When defending, particularly in their own half of the field, every attacking player should be covered – so every player no matter what position should become defensive minded when the opposing team have the throw-in....Read more

Progression: Set plays at a throw-in ...

Throw-ins - Progression

All teams should work at throw-ins as it genreally provides the most dead ball starts in any match. Consequently proactice is essentialfor both the throwers and outfield players looking to make space....Read more

Attackers starting close together ...

Attacking throw-ins

It is important for players to know their role at a throw-in. The accuracy of the throw and the first touch on the ball can often decide success or failure, whatever. The delivery and movement of the players, particularly in set plays is a key factor....Read more