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David Silva, Manchester City

Kicking the Ball

Most people can kick a football, but kicking it with accuracy and ensuring it arrives at its destination at the right speed and height is a slightly different thing....Read more

Kicking the ball against a wall.

Kicking the ball practice

Players can work at the technique themselves by playing the ball against the wall at varying distances and using the inside of both feet....Read more

Charlie Adam and Luka Modric both curling the ball from left to right

Outside and Inside of the Foot

Learning to kick the ball with this technique is important for all players and it requires total concentration and much practice....Read more

Striking the ball

Striking the Ball

There are times when the ball has to be struck firmly and the skill is often related to as kicking the ball "through the laces"....Read more

Striking a ball against a wall

Striking Against a Wall

A player can practice 'striking a ball' against a wall if practising alone, as there is no need to keep retrieving the ball and the rebound can provide the extra practice at control....Read more


Volleying the Ball

Players have to contend with the ball when it is off the ground whether it is a defensive clearance or a shot at goal it requires a volley and it is a crucial part of any players make-up....Read more