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Shooting on the Run

Shooting on the Run

There are various techniques required in shooting and we can look at them in turn, starting with a basic practice of shooting on run.

Practice 1

  • An area 20m x 10m (with a half way point clearly marked)
  • 1 goal with goalkeeper
  • Attackers (in blue)
  • A server (see diagram)

A server stands behind the line and behind the attackers, serving down the side (the right side in this practice) and it is up to the attacker to move to the ball quickly. The emphasis then is on good quick control, and after assessing the position of the goalkeeper decide which technique is needed to try and score.

For example, if the ball is rolled the striker will want to drive the ball (head down, non-kicking foot alongside the ball, using the arms for balance) hoping to beat the goalkeeper with pace and power.

Alternatively if the service is a bouncing ball, then the striker will probably choose to volley or half volley the goal attempt.

Point to note: The half way line (10 metres) can be used to determine that the striker does not get too close to the goal before shooting. The coach insisting all shots must be taken from at least 10m out!

To progress this practice a defender can be introduced, with a starting position on the goal line, facing the oncoming attacker. As soon as the server releases the ball the defender should be ready to sprint across to try and block the attackers shot, or if not try and get in a tackle. This serves to puts pressure on the striker to control and shoot at goal.

Practice 2

As an alternative to the first exercise the server can alter the position of the ball being put into play. So in diagram 1 (below) the services comes from 10m ahead of the attacker from the halfway point. Once again the serve can be varied pace and height and it is up to the striker to control and get a shot in as quickly as possible.

The defender has slightly farther to travel but still should be encouraged to block any goal attempt.

Shooting on the Run

In diagram 2 (above), the attacker and the server are virtually facing each other on opposites sides of the area, the same principles apply.

To progress ...

The area can be extended to 30m x 20m with 2 goalkeepers and 8 players lining up as in diagram 3, each team with two players either side of the goal.

Shooting on the Run, Diagram 3

The first player (in blue in the diagram above) starts the practice by serving diagonally to the opposite team. The receiver collects and controls the pass, and tries to attack the opposite goal getting in a shot as quickly as possible.

The coach can decide (depending on age and ability) whether or when the original server continues in the practice acting as a defender. The coach will also decide what type of serve is needed and the actual pace of the practice. There needs to be some continuity, with goalkeepers, after saving recycling the ball to a server.

The same practice and principles can apply from the earlier sessions and players take turns to both defend and attack. Service should again be varied - driven, chipped, or even punted high in the air for attackers to control before shooting.