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Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo

Shooting: A Basic Introduction

The skill of shooting can be described as "passing the ball past the goalkeeper and into the net". Therefore, the techniques of shooting are simply an extension of good passing techniques....Read more


Basic Shooting Practice

Junior players (particularly the young) will be enthusiastic to shoot, but they need to understand that there is work to be done before the final delivery of the ball....Read more

Shooting on the move

Shooting on the Move

Junior players, especially, like to shoot at goal and in the first practice that was the aim. To progress the server, plus footballs, moves to a central area behind the players....Read more

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Shooting: Multiple Targets

Junior players will always be interested in any practice which ends with a shot at goal. Simple shooting practices are dealt with in other parts of this section, but this exercise involves control, running with the ball and decision making as the players attempt to score....Read more

Improve Accuracy

Improve Accuracy

These practices are aimed at accuracy as opposed to the power in shooting - nevertheless players should be encouraged to strike the ball firmly and with the instep....Read more

Shooting on the Run

Shooting on the Run

There are various techniques required in shooting and we can look at them in turn, starting with a basic practice of shooting on run....Read more

Progression 1

Shooting Progression

Following on from the initial practice players should now look at attempting to hit the target from varying angles and striking the ball from different heights....Read more

Shooting from distance

Shooting from distance

Rather than just setting up an attacking player and a goalkeeper there are practices to make more match-like situations....Read more