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Running & Passing on the Move

Running and Passing on the move

Practice 1

  • Area: 30 metres in length x 20 metres in width
  • Six players, divided into 2 groups (as shown in the diagram above).
  • Exercise to be attempted as sharply as possible.

The first two players start off at the same time, each with a ball. They each run with the ball at pace (but under control) until they get within 10 metres of the far line, then using the outside of the foot they pass the ball sharply across to the front man of the other section who continues on with the practice.

Running with the ball and passing

With a 30 metre run ahead of them they need a good firm first-touch on the ball before running on to it sharply.

It is important that the players don't break their stride early, that they do use the space ahead, and get on to the ball quickly.

Around 10 metres from the far line they will slow down slightly but then the coach should insist on a firm crisp pass to the next player.

So in diagram 2 above, E will pass to C, and B will pass to F, who will both move up with the practice.

Once the pass is complete the players continue their run and re-join the session, taking their place at the back of the opposite group.


Players can now use either foot as they pass the ball, they can also be made to follow their pass so as to put a little pressure on the next player.

Running with the ball and passing 3

So in diagram 3 above, once B and E have completed their run, they pass the ball, and B will run towards F making it crucial that F makes a good early contact and moves off from baseline with some sharpness (E does exactly the same at the other end, putting C under pressure).