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Passing the ball with the inside of the foot

Passing: Inside of the foot

This is an early session to encourage players to be aware of the movement of other players as well as concentrating on their own ability with the ball....Read more

Passing at varying distances 1

Practices Varying Distances

In earlier practices we have discussed ways of improving passing techniques, so now as a progression we can look at something slightly more advanced....Read more

Passing at varying distances 4

Varying Distances Continued

The session is a continuation of 'Practices Varying Distances'. The practice is developed to introduce spontaneous and instant decisions from the target player....Read more

Passing 2 Vs 1

2 vs 1: Practice A

The basics of 2 vs 1. Practices for attackers and defenders working on angles and movement....Read more

2 Vs 1, staying on the outside of the square.

2 vs 1: Practice B

An extension of a 2 vs 1 practice, with players working at a slightly greater distance....Read more

Control, Look and Pass - 1

Control, Look and Pass

Players must learn quickly how to control, look up, and pass the ball, in the modern game it is the speed of movement and control that separates the quality from the ordinary player....Read more

Passing and Moving in Tight Areas - Practice 1

Passing and Moving in Tight Areas

Some exercises can be used as a "warm-up", but nevertheless for both senior and junior players they should be treated with total concentration....Read more

Passing in Tight Areas

Passing in Tight Areas

In this practice, there are 7 players (the number can be varied between 5 and 8) with the players passing and changing places....Read more