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Heading basic introduction

Heading: A Basic Introduction

Very young players are reluctant to head the ball at first, they should be taught to use the forehead and perhaps start with a soft ball, concentrating solely on the technique of heading....Read more

Heading Basic Control

Heading: Basic Control

For many players continually heading the ball, in itself, is important. Repetitive practice should bring improvement, and for young players familiarity in heading technique....Read more

Heading: Going for accuracy

Heading for Accuracy

This practice focuses on heading for accuracy. Players should be encouraged to work at improving the basics of heading and work on a quick readjustment of the body position before heading the ball....Read more

Heading for distance

Heading for Distance

When heading for distance the player has to 'attack' the ball and has to have the correct movement so as to be successful....Read more

Practices for Heading

Practices for Heading

Heading skill only comes with practice, and coaches can make it more entertaining for the players by introducing practice games or competitions....Read more

Practices for Heading 1

Practices for Heading II

These practices work on sharpness, accuracy and movement, encouraging players to head and move with confidence....Read more

Heading against Opposition

Heading Against Opposition

Players have to become accustomed to the competitive element when jumping to head the ball. In match conditions they invariably have to leap either above opponents or with opponents and providing early practice is essential....Read more


Head tennis

Developing heading skill us important but it can be fun too. Furthermore to add a competitive element with a conditioned game is a popular way amongst all players....Read more