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Handling the ball

A basic introduction

The position of goalkeeper is that of a 'specialist technician' and, therefore, a great deal of work on individual technique is required to reach a competent standard....Read more

Goalkeeping training against the wall

Simple practices for goalkeepers

Goalkeepers need to be alert, ready to spring into action and the readiness to dive, leap, or run can be aided by good practice....Read more

Goalkeeping: Handling

Goalkeeper handling

Primarily a goalkeeper needs to be agile, focused, courageous and alert, so here along with handling techniques are a few opening practices to begin life as the last line of defence....Read more


Goalkeeping practices - working in pairs

Goalkeepers clearly need special types of practices, and they can be 'worked’ together from the rest of the players....Read more

Basic Reflex Work

Reflex work for goalkeepers

Goalkeepers need to be alert, mobile, agile and technically sound, and players can work together to achieve this aim....Read more


Goalkeeping practices - working in threes

Similar to the content in the previous practice, now with 3 goalkeepers moving around the field working on demanding practices requiring a good handling technique....Read more


Clearing the backpass

Today a goalkeeper has to be better equipped with his feet than ever before, and in fact it has been noticeable that some have become very skilful....Read more


Pressured work on goalkeepers

Goalkeepers need to be as fit as any outfield player and their role can be physically demanding. As the last line of defence they need to have good body strength, quick reactions and real agility....Read more