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Swansea City's Ashley Williams attempts to block the shot from Manchester City's David Silva

A Basic Introduction

Tackling in the modern game is more of an art than it ever was in the past. The basic principles are still the same but, with more and more protection for the attacking players, the slightest mistimed tackle could result in a sending off....Read more

kyle walker

Full Back Play

The full back is the outside player in any defence – at least this is the starting role. Although it is important to note that the role will change quite often in any one match....Read more

Tackling 1

The Block Tackle

To progress and develop a sound tackling technique, here are a few practices which should assist in the development of any outfield player....Read more

Defender 1v1 and forcing the play

Defending 1V1: Forcing the play

There are times when a defender has to 'go it alone' in one v one situations, and this can be testing especially against quick attackers....Read more


Defending 2v2: Forcing the play

The ability to read the game is crucial for any defender.Good positional play and working as a unit is key for any defence....Read more

Defending from a throw in.

Defending at the throw-in

Full back is a position that is often the last line of the defence and requires playing against the touch line. So when the opposition have a throw-in the full back has to be securely positioned and alert....Read more

Defending at full back

Defending at Full back

All defenders will face a time when an attacking player is simply too quick. As a result defenders need to learn how to divert the play not only down the flank but also on the inside in a more crowded area....Read more

Watching the space and the ball

Full Back - Watching the space and the ball

Full backs probably do as much running off the ball than any other outfield player. This is because there are a series of possible outcomes when the opposing team are on the attack. As a result the fullback has to cover, watch the space and the position of the ball....Read more