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Olivier Giroud, Arsenal

The Basics of Control

How a player should deal with the ball whatever the height, speed or direction it comes. An overview of the techniques required to assist improvement....Read more

Basics of Control

Basics of Control Continued

A basic practice, one that will put players on the right road for the progressions ahead....Read more

Liverpool's Iago Aspas (left) and Aston Villa's Antonio Luna (right) battle for the ball

Extending Control

Previously we considered the skill of controlling the ball with the inside of the foot, now we look to extend that skill....Read more

Everton's Ross Barkley (left) and Norwich City's Bradley Johnson battle for the ball

Swivelling with the Ball

Moving on from the last session we now look at control and pass on the move, only this time the receiver has to work at swivelling with the ball after the initial control....Read more

Ball control in tight situations

Ball Control in Tight Situations

Good close control of the ball is very important, it is often the basic skill that leads to better things in a players development....Read more

Ball control in tight situations

Ball Control Under Pressure

The idea in this practice is for each of the players to try and keep control of their ball, while at the same time attempting to kick one of the other 10 footballs outside the area....Read more

Control and Movement

This is something of a progression to other sections that dealt with control and running off the ball - only here we are now looking at something more akin to a game situation....Read more

Close Control

Close Control

Players need to develop good technique and close control if they hope to improve dribbling skills against opponents....Read more