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PFA's Jimmy Armfield

This library of coaching for players of all ages and coaches is presented by former England Captain Jimmy Armfield and moves from the basics, which he stresses are important, progressing to more senior levels and on into game situations.

A former manager at Bolton Wanderers and Leeds United he has also staffed many courses for the Football Association and the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) of which he is now the consultant of their Coaching Department.

Armfield says: "This series will at times appear basic in content. Frankly that is what some of the practices are meant to be, particularly for young players who need to develop the early skills. Getting these right will ensure an easier and more enjoyable transition into senior football. For example, learning to kick the ball properly using various techniques is vital and time should be spent practising simply kicking the ball with both feet. 

"Many well known players will vouch for practice, practice, practice in early years, and although the exercises produced in this series will be helpful, much is still dependant on the individual to give time and patience in the development of football skills.

"These coaching programmes will hopefully provide ideas for coaches, particularly those who run teams of any age, to develop the ability of their players."  

The PFA will be adding to this section over the coming months and it should be of interest to anyone who runs a football team (no matter what the level).